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This wiki page will give an overview over existing modding resources, tutorials and other know-how that is scattered all over the internet. It is considered work in progress.    




Dragon Age Origins


To find help with modding Origins, join the Discord server.



Dragon Age Toolset Wiki http://www.datoolset.net/wiki/Main_Page
theskymoves's tumblr https://kinlochhold.tumblr.com/post/147703078587/kh-mods-her-game-dao-part-0-the-basics
Dragon Age modding tumblr
From Woe To Go pdf
exporting DAO/2 to Unity forum/github
Troubleshooting: getting DLCs to work guide on steam


Creating mods

DATool/DA Modder's Toolbox download on fileplanet | dropbox
Hair modding tumblr
Editing a mesh DAO -> Blender


Existing mods / modding howto

Howto tesnexus General tutorial. See #6, "Installing Mods", and the readme of the linked tools.
DA Face Extractor nexus Extract face morphs and replace them in savegames, can alter Warden appearance after

Dragon Age 2


Creating an .erf mod archive Creating an erf file for Dragon age 2
Extracting .erf and .rim files Extracting files from erf and rim files for Dragon Age 2





Dragon Age Inquisition


To find help with modding Inquisition, join the Discord server.


Modding (DAIMOD): Howto tumblr
Padme4000's tutorials DeviantArt
Using Daimm + Frosty Together Nexus


Zanna's Complexion Files Reference and Resources Google Doc
Complexion info, ordered by races and preset tapatalk


Archived links (outdated - this won't work as you expect it to and/or require significant leg work)

DAI Dumper (unpacks game files)

Updated version of the script | Xentax forum (original source)

Convert Headmorphs to useable meshes

Xentax forum (completely outdated, requires results of DAI dumper)


Padme4000's XPS Models  DeviantArt
Mageflower's DA Scenery XPS Models  DeviantArt
Mageflower's DA XPS Models DeviantArt
Raccooncitizen DA XPS Models Deviantart
Sia-G's DA XPS Models DeviantArt



XPS to Blender Importer DeviantArt
DAI Inquisitor XPS/Blender Tutorial youtube
DAItools Blender Hair Mod Tutorial youtube
StepByStep: From the game into Blender Export DA:I model into Blender