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This is about creating a proper model for AnimDoor entity. Doors are a special kind of asset that needs to be animated and reskinable. There's also a relation between door visual and it's lockpick dificulty. Final model is a .cdf file.

Door creation

To create doors you need to adhere to some rules:

  1. Pick one of the existing skeletons (in a very unlikely case you might be asked to create completely new size of doors in which case you have to create a new skeleton or change one of the existing ones)
  2. Create a model that fits the skeleton. Make absolutely sure the handle and lock are at the position of corresponding helpers. Make sure it matches characteristics of the difficulty you're trying to create, see bellow
  3. Skin/Weight the model to the bones
  4. Export .skin file
  5. Create .cdf file in a text editor

Lockpick difficulty characteristics

For better player's guidance, we are sorting doors by their visual that depends on locpick difficulty. Lockpick difficulty do not depends on wood color or wear of doors.

Level 1: lockpick difficulty 0–0,15  

  • casual village doors ( or fancy/castle doors without any metal part )
  • only wood + possible metal lock

Level 2: lockpick difficulty 0,3  

  • village quest houses, mills, village merchants or not important houses in town
  • wooden doors with metal studs + metal lock

Level 3: lockpick difficulty 0,55–0,7  

  • town merchants, townsman houses, armory, jail, important quest objects
  • wooden doors with straight iron hinges and studs 

Level 4: lockpick difficulty 0,8–1 

  • castle entry, castle rooms of noblesmans, Ratay townhall, monastery and church doors
  • fancy iron hinges and studs

Exporting guidelines




Doors in editor

To place the door into level, you need to use door prefab: SmartObjects/Doors/AnimVillage_Left or AnimVillage_Right

To change door model, simply open door prefab (1), select AnimDoor (2) and switch door model for different one (3). Please keep the door orientation (left or right). Also note how the name of the door asset represents the lockpick dificulty mentioned above. However this is only a visual representation and in order to set up real lockpick difficulty, you need to change corresponding property in AnimDoor object.




In case you don't need door hinge/lock (for non-village doors), just select and delete wooden_door_a_lock brush from the prefab.



How to make sure door are working ingame?

When navmesh is generated, it should display doublesided green arrow under the door.