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Columns in the difficulty gda file (difficulty.gda)

This page lists and describes the columns in difficulty.gda for modifying or creating difficulty settings.

Column Description
ID Number that is used as unique identifier of the difficulty. For example, for the normal difficulty the identifier is 1, and nightmare is 3
Label Name of the difficulty setting. Not actually displayed. The displayed text is in STRREF
STRREF TLK ID for name value e.g. for the normal difficulty it is 371127
descstrref TLK ID for description text e.g. for the normal difficulty it is 6215916
FRIENDLYFIRE Multiplier for friendly fire damage. e.g. 0.5 gives 50% friendly fire damage. 2.0 gives 200%. Casual, normal, and hard all have values for this, however in-game those difficulties do not have friendly fire
healthmod Enemy health modifier. Higher values give higher enemy health.
damagemod Enemy damage modifier. Higher values cause enemies to do more damage.
attackmod Enemy attack modifier. Higher values give enemies high attack (chance to hit) values.
regenerationmod Enemy stamina regeneration modifier.
cooldownmod Enemy colldown modifier. Lower values give shorter cooldowns after ability usage.
$B0F98CF2 Enemy physical force multiplier. Higher values cause enemies to more frequently knockback/knockdown the player and companions.
TrapDmgScale Modifies the amount of damage caused by traps
AIAbilityUseMod Not known for sure. Likely affects the probability of using a skill instead of normal attacks. Only different for nightmare in vanilla DA2 (1 in normal vs. 1.5 for hard. Likely means 50% greater likelihood of using abilities in nightmare)