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Detail atlas makes us to use on one object with single material (and single drawcall) up to 32 different detail maps. To tell which part uses which detail map you need to make mask map with suffix _dtmask, where particular shade of grey represents particular detail map (for example RGB 40, 40, 40 is metal_rust_01).

At first, you need to setup Photoshop properly. Go to menu Edit -> Colors Settings, click on More Options and then change the parameter Gray according to the following picture:



To make detail mask painting easier, you can get photoshop action from Perforce from location W:\WH\Tools\Photoshop\Tools\WH.atn

Loading action into Photoshop is easy, just click on the dropdown menu in Action palette and select Load Actions and browse for WH.atn file.




Run the detail_maps action and it will create set of layers with proper shades of grey and names representing particular detail maps. All you have to do is to paint into appropriate layer's mask.



To save mask, you can use Ultimate Texture Saver and profile Detail_mask. In CryTiff saving dialogue, select DetailMask preset. 


In case you use manual texture saving, make sure you put detail mask into Alpha channel before save.

In Cryengine Material Editor, you just need to assing created detail mask into Detail slot of shader and check Detail Atlas checkbox. Tiling settings is the same as usual, you can also optionally use DetailMap mask in Diffuse alpha function.



Detail mask texture should be smaller the better. Ideally four to eight times smaller then diffuse. If you need sharp transition from one detail map to antoher, you need to paint mask without antialiasing using pencil tool in PS. If you pick the DetailMask preset in RC dialog, sharp transitions between pixels will remain even after downscaling.


  • Detail maps for detail atlas are stored in W:\WH\Engine\EngineAssets\Textures\DetailAtlas
  • Maximum number of detail maps in atlas is 32. We decided to select 25 most important maps (to have some space for future maps), the rest of the maps are either similar to the selected ones or barely used, please do not use them anymore.
  • Black (0,0,0, very bottom layer "empty") means no detail map applied
  • "nm_overlay" action in the WH action folder is for correct overlaying of normal map.