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DB Addin is proprietary plugin for MS Excel that simplifies working with the game database.

Setting up

You can install the plugin from Tools/ExcelDbAddin2. It will add a new ribbon menu WHS DB (1) (see on the picture below).

First you have to set up a connection to the correct database and branch (2). You are going to work with the ConfigDB database and modding branch.

DB Addin important UI elements.

Working with tables

When you have the database set up, you can List Tables (3), which will get you all tables in the database (4), their type (5), and tables they are referencing or inheriting (6).

When you select a single cell containing name of some table and click Retrieve (7), the addin will load this table in a new sheet (or reload it, if you already have it opened). When you make some modification to a table you will then save it to the database by clicking Post (8).

While creating new records (inserting new rows to tables) with DB Addin, you typically don't have to specify identifiers (like item_id), just leave the column empty and the addin will generate and assign a correct value to it when posting the data to database.

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