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This article originally appeared as post #28 in the thread Unlocked some modding helpers on the Nexus XCOM Modding Forum. Additional material was developed in the Nexus XCOM Mod Talk thread Keybind Commands.

This is a list of Unreal 3 Console Commands which have been tested with the Developer Console - XCOM:EU 2012, and their status. Further tests are needed.

To copy the showlog console output to a log file, see this article on how to Copy to the clipboard from the Windows command prompt.


See Unreal Engine 3 Console Commands for the complete list of the Engine commands. Not all commands are to be expected to be implemented. Some listed here are specific to XCOM:EU - 2012.

Syntax: {information}; "(value)": {include the parentheses}; [parameter1|parameter2|...] {only one; omit the square brackets and vertical bar}. Commands do not appear to be case sensitive.

Command Status

For EU modders: the EU commands (or the functions they call) may be found in one (or another) of the following three "CheatManagers":

  • XComGame.upk XComCheatManager
  • XComGame.upk XComTacticalCheatManager
  • XComStrategyGame.upk XComHeadquartersCheatManager


If .ini file loading is enabled the EU commands can also be placed in a .txt file, located in the "<SteamLibrary>\SteamApps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\Binaries" folder, and using the DefaultInput.ini file to bind said .txt file to a (otherwise unused keyboard) key.



  • AbortCurrentAction : Abort currently active unit's action
  • AddSectoids : probably does as stated although it seems they spawn out of sight. TBC
  • AddTime : Max out current unit's time points
  • AddUnits : spawns soldiers anywhere on the map. They have no head (creepy...) and most of them have no weapon and are unuseable, I got guys with pistols that controlled fine.
  • AddUnits(n) : Drop n Units
  • AIdebugAI : shows a lot of status text for each unit and a status line for the AI actions. Mutually exclusive with ShowDebug.
  • AIDebugModifiers : enhanced AiDebugAi showing abilities and actionque info.
  • AITextVerbose : adds lines to the above about AI behavior (it is mostly hunt even when falling back).
  • AIForceAIFire : AI doesn't move; will always fire on AI's turn.
  • AIMarkers : show hidden AI units
  • AIretaliate : doesn't seem to do anything
  • AIretaliateInstant : doesn't seem to do anything
  • AIshow(things) : no effect found
  • AISkipAI : Disable/Enable AI's turn
  • AIunleash : possibly to unshackle the AI from the easy and normal diffs ?
  • AIwatchAI : no effect found
  • AIWatchAI : Set camera over AI units on their turn, hidden or not.
  • AllAmmo/Allweapons : possibly intended for strategy game
  • Amphibious : ?
  • APCsettings : shows 3 lines with PodMgr: Inactive and Pod#0/1. This is actually a shortcut function for toggling three other functions which are very useful in alien pod debugging:
    • AIShowNames()
    • AIMarkers()
    • AIDebugPods()
  • availabletexmem : display in the log how much texture mem is available
  • Avatar [classname] : did not succeed in using yet


  • Camerapitchingmode (bool) : could not use yet, but could be interesting to understand camera modding
  • Captureandkillaliens (int) : captures (integer) enemy and kills the rest. Effective !!
  • CauseEvent (name) : need to find an event list (or what events are ??) to use
  • Changelist : Outputs the build changelist to the console command window
  • Changeteam (teamname) : needs more testing
  • CheckDebugMenu : no effect found
  • ClearNarrativeHistory : needs testing
  • CreateAlienBaseAlert : spawns alien base ? does not give skeleton key building capability. Can possibly spawn a second functional alien base after the first
  • CreateTempleShipAlert : allows to launch the last mission instantly. Works.
  • {other Creates : just messages AFAIK)
  • CursorModeToggle : no effect found
  • cursormodetoggle : Toggle's cursor mode
  • cursormodetoggle : Use to switch between cursor collision, no collision, and screen pick modes


  • DeadEye : no idea ?
  • DEBUGS : there are a lot! Not going to list them here. Most seem to do nothing though.
  • DisableAimAdjust : to be tested
  • DisableDebugMenu : Disable the double bumper debug menu access. MENU IS ON BY DEFAULT.
  • DisableNarrative : to be tested, I know folks who would be interested !
  • disconnect : Immediately stops the game type and reloads the default game type.
  • disconnect : restart game
  • DisplayAll : has clear description, might be useful
  • DoAutoTest : does some weird s**t ...
  • DoNarrativeMoment (moment) : to be tested
  • dpfrustum w h : sets the total width and total height of the projector's frustum (for debugging)
  • dprot x y z : sets the rotation of the decal projector (for debugging)
  • dptrans x y z : sets the translation of the decal projector (for debugging)
  • DrawEarthCoords <x-float> <y-float> : draws an icon on the Geoscape Hologlobe at the designated 2D vector <x,y> coordinates, which are bound within the range of (0,0) (in the NW "corner"), and (1,1) (in the SE "corner") of the map. (See Additional Cities Project thread for how to convert Latitude/Longitude into 2d vectors.)
  • Drop n Sectoids : dynamic placement of n Sectoids on the map


  • EditActor : to be tested
  • EditObject : to be tested
  • EmptyAmmo : Empties Ammo for the selected unit
  • EnableCheats : no effect found
  • EnableDebugMenu : no effect found
  • EnableDebugMenu : Enable the double bumper debug menu access. MENU IS ON BY DEFAULT.
  • Exit : leaves the Console


  • FacilityStressTest : ?
  • FinishAllProjects : Finishes all foundry/workshop projects currently in queue. Doesn't work on augmentations.
  • FixMisssions : ?
  • Fly : ?
  • ForceAlienType_<type> : e.g ForceAlienType_Floater. The next mission created should have all aliens created of this type (the number of aliens and pods should be determined as usual).
  • ForceCriticalWound : ?
  • ForceFCSatellite : Funding Country (FC) requests; use in mission control room
  • ForceFCShipTransfer : FC requests; use in mission control room)
  • ForceFCMission <missionstring> : mission strings required can be found in the DefaultMaps.ini -- e.g. URB_PierA_Stream
  • ForceFCRequest <requeststring> : request strings required can be found in the enumeration XGFundingCouncil.EFCRequest -- note that for the Long War mod these have largely been mapped to other items.
  • ForceSlingshotMission : immediately forces the next slingshot mission in the sequence to activate.
  • ForceMission <type> : immediately create a particular mission type with a particular map.
    • ForceMission_CAbductor_Cliffside : uses ForceCrashedUFOMission function; {more maps in the class}
    • ForceMission_HQAssault : creates Small Scout. {Should be the first ship in starting month. However, creates unclickable entry appearing in Mission Control and counts as a lost mission. Possibly requires EW?}
    • ForceMission_LAbductor_FarmOutskirts : uses ForceLandedUFOMission function; {more maps in the class}
    • ForceMission_URB_Bar : uses ForceAbductionMission function; {more maps in the class}
    • ForceMission_URB_Bar_Terror
    • ForceMission_URB_CommercialAlley_Terror
    • ForceMission_URB_CommercialRestaurant
    • ForceMission_URB_CommercialStreet_Terror
    • ForceMission_URB_ConvenienceStore_Terror
    • ForceMission_URB_Highway1
    • ForceMission_URB_HighwayFallen
    • ForceMission_URB_LiquorStore_Extraction : uses ForceCovertOpsMission function; {more maps in the class}
    • ForceMission_URB_MilitaryAmmo
    • ForceMission_URB_PoliceStation
    • ForceMission_URB_StreetHurricane_Terror
    • ForceMission_URB_OfficePaper_Terror
    • ForceMission_URB_PierA_Terror
  • FOV : works, funky results with high values!
  • freezeall : freeze rendering and streaming, visibility culling


  • geoscapept u v : prints the country id at the uv coordinates
  • GiveAllTech : Instantly unlock the entire tech research tree. Does all your research projects, unlocks all Foundry, and (in EW) genetic and MEC suit upgrades.
  • GiveBottomPerks : gives first few perks of the soldiers class
  • GiveCash : after entering code, press '1' on the number line above WASD, NOT the numpad. Gives $1,000. '5' also works, for whatever reason, but no difference apparent.  Note: the related function is hardcoded to Give $1,000.
  • GiveFoundry [projectname] : gives specified Foundry project from following list.
    • BASE: AdvancedConstruction, VehicleRepair, StealthSatellites, EleriumFuel
    • COMBAT: AmmoConservation, AdvancedFlight, TacticalRigging
    • CONSUMABLES: AlienGrenades, MedikitII, ArcThrowerII, Scope
    • DRONE: CaptureDrone, SentinelDrone
    • MEC: MECCloseCombat, AdvancedServomotors, ShapedArmor
    • PISTOLS: PistolI, PistolII, PistolIII
    • SHIV: SHIV, SHIV_Heal, SHIVSuppression, AutomatedLasers, AutomatedPlasma
  • GiveItem : give item if proper ID is used. Ex: GiveItem WeaponFragment 100 gives 100 fragments. (Tested on Long War Mod, may be different in Vanilla.)  If you can find it, you might check DefaultGameCore.ini for ItemBalance=(eItem=eItem_ lines, where proper IDs follow the eItem_; some IDs might take some head-scratching to determine what you are asking for.
  • GivePerk : Tactical Mode.  In EU can give both Soldier and Psi perks (ex: MindFray); it is recommended that one does NOT give Soldier perks to a 'Rookie' . In EW can apply genetic mods.
  • GivePsiGift : Select a unit in Tactical Mode and type this command to unlock Psi on that unit when the mission completes (i.e. Psi ability appears in Strategic Mode). In EU, the following line might be GivePerk MindFray, which will be usable on next turn.  In EW, command works on Loadout screen of a soldier.
  • GivePsiPerks : instantly gives all psi perks to selected soldier
  • GivePsiXP : Probably works like "GiveXP": only for currently selected soldier in Tactical Mode.  In EU adds to current PsiXP.
  • GiveResource : in EU the following resources, in specified quantities, are available:
    • Money (ex: GiveResource Money 500)
    • Elerium
    • Alloys
    • Engineers (ex: GiveResource Engineers 10)
    • Scientists (ex: GiveResource Scientists 5)
    • Power
    • MonthlyNet
  • GiveTech [technologyname] : gives specified technology from the following list.
    • AIRCRAFTS: AlienNavigation, Firestorm, UFOPowerSource
    • ARMORS: Armor_Carapace, Armor_Skeleton, Armor_Titan, Armor_Ghost, Armor_ArchAngel, PsiArmor
    • AUTOPSIES: AutopsySectoid, AutopsySectoidCommander, AutopsyThinMan, AutopsyFloater, AutopsyHeavyFloater, AutopsyCryssalid, AutopsyZombie, AutopsyMuton, AutopsyBerserker, AutopsyMutonElite, AutopsyCyberdisc, AutopsyDrone, AutopsySectopod, AutopsyEthereal, AutopsyMechtoid, AutopsySeeker
    • INTERROGATIONS: InterrogateSectoid, InterrogateSectoidCommander, InterrogateThinMan, InterrogateFloater, InterrogateHeavyFloater, InterrogateMuton, InterrogateBerserker, InterrogateMutonElite, InterrogateEthereal
    • LASER WEAPONS: LaserWeapons, PrecisionLasers, HeavyLasers
    • MISSION: ArcThrower, BaseShard, Hyperwave, PsiLabs, PsiLink
    • PLASMA WEAPONS: Plasma_Pistol, Plasma_Light, Plasma_Rifle, Plasma_Heavy, Plasma_Sniper, Alloy_Cannon, BlasterLauncher
    • STARTING: AlienMaterials, Elerium, Exp_Warfare, WeaponFragments, Xenobiology, Meld
    • SHIP WEAPONS: EMP, Plasma_Cannon, Fusion_Launcher
  • GiveTopPerks : gives all top perks of the soldiers class
  • GiveWeapon : ?
  • GiveXP : only works for currently selected soldier in Tactical Mode.
  • God : probably godmode, untested
  • GotoDebugLoc : takes the camera... somewhere. More testing needed.


  • Help (string) : no successful use
  • Hit the UI with a Big Hammer. Use only in case of mega state fail, as this has potential bad state consequences.
  • HQfreeCam : ?Freely move the camera around the XCom Base?


  • InfiniteGrenades: works as advertised


  • killaliens : Win mission by killing your squad. Post EW patch 2, must be manually entered directly to the console.
  • KillAliensWithinCursorRadius (radius) : works as advertised.
  • killall *class* : ex: killall class="trigger," kill all objects of that class
  • KillAllElse : crashed the game for me
  • KillandImplantUnit : mimics a Chrysalid kill, but makes a buggy zombie. locked my game
  • KillNearestAlien : ?
  • KillNearestAlien : Kills the nearest alien relative to the cursor
  • KillSquad : Lose mission by killing your squad. You might want to avoid this one.


  • LevelUpBarracks (times) : to be tested. Ex: "LevelUpBarracks 7" bumps all units in barracks up 7 levels, regardless of level. Won't go past level cap.
  • listanimsets : List all animation sets being used
  • listdynamiclevels : List all animation sets being used
  • listskelmeshes : List all animation sets being used
  • listsounds : list all resident sounds and their sizes, in the log
  • listtextures : List all textures being used
  • listtextures : list all textures in the log
  • listtextures : list all textures in the log
  • listwaves : list all resident sounds and their sizes, in the log
  • List[things] : did not get those to work (where is the output ??)
  • Log[things] : did not get those to work (where is the output ??)
  • LowerPanic (country) : the country must be entered with the first letter capped and the other in lower-case (i.e. Australia, not australia or AUSTRALIA).


  • MapSoldiersToDropshipSeats : possibly to make sure soldiers spawned on mission are taken back to base ?
  • Marketing : hides unit status bars {health etc}
  • MoreSpeed : character and camera movement is sped up
  • Mutate (string) : sounds cool, don't know what values to use though {says MutateString(FString)}


  • NoLuck : needs testing, sounds interesting ?
  • NormalSpeed : goes back to normal after MoreSpeed
  • nxvis collision : show physics collisions volume??


  • obj dump XComFOW_0 : This will list all member values for the XComFOW actor
  • Obj Dump XGUnit_INT, where INT is a number of the unit : dumps loads of info into the log, including team name {eTeam_XCom, eTeam_Alien; had no luck with ChangeTeam though}.
  • obj gc : This will garbage collect all unreferenced objects
  • obj list [class="interpactor|key=bHidden|value=true] :" This will list all objects of that class that match the key/value pair to the log
  • obj list : This will list all classes in the level
  • obj [list|print] : use help obj for more info
  • obj print -MEMBERS outer=XComFOW : Prints out all of the class members of XComFOW
  • obj print bHidden==true : This will print all objects that have their bHidden property set to true
  • obj print outer=XComFOW bHidden==false : Find all the children of XComFOW that are currently shown
  • obj print package=MyPackage : This will print all objects that came from MyPackage
  • Open (mapname) : ?Loads a specific map named: mapname?
  • OSS[things] : related to multiplayer, not really interested
  • OTS (int) : In EU Officer Training School, in EW no idea what this is
  • OutputGlobeCoord : may be useful for modding ?


  • ParticleInfo : lists all particle systems count
  • Pause : does a hard pause (no menu)
  • "pause : toggle pause
  • PDI [class] : Print debug info on class
  • PitchCamera : no successful use {probably requires a pitch value}
  • Play[sounds] : as expected
  • PowerUp : no idea
  • PowerUp : All units invincible, unlimited ammo. GODMODE
  • powerup : All units invincible, unlimited ammo. GODMODE, can't kill you
  • PrintdebugInfo (actorclass) : no success
  • PsiLevel(n) : 0 = normal, 1 = All Psi All the Time, 2 = Psi Off


  • RainRateScale (float) : as advertised
  • RainRateScale x : toggles rain scale
  • RandomAI : not sure, starts fighting music ..?
  • RE [stuff] : some on-event camera controls (shakes, hides, etc)
  • ReloadAmmo : in EU - for the active|selected tactical unit - clears reload icon, re-enables turn (and resets unit movement); need to change focus to another unit then return to this unit to clear lag issues.
  • resetactions : Resets action points for entire squad
  • resetammo : Resets Ammo for the selected unit
  • ResetUnitMovement : give selected soldier its "action points" back (does not work well with 0 action left, i.e. does NOT enable turn)
  • resetUnitMovement : Resets active unit's movement
  • Restartlevel : as advertised
  • restartlevel : Reload the current map and reset game state.
  • Restartmap : no effect ?
  • revive : revives specified critically wounded unit.


  • screenshot : saves a screenshot to location set in INI xcomgamescreenshots
  • set [classname property value] : ex: set actor bHidden 1
    • set xcomfow bHidden true : Will set the bHidden flag true on ALL XComFOW actors in the level
    • set xcomfow_0 bHidden true : Will set the bHidden flag true on just class xcomfow_0
    • set XComLevelActor bHidden 0 : will reveal all terrain pieces
    • set XComUnitPawn bHidden 0 : will reveal all unit pawns (since XCOM is already visible, reveals alien/civilian pawns)
  • set : use help set for more info
  • SetAIGlamCam / SetGlamCam : needs testing
  • SetAmmo (int) : ?
  • SetCameraMode (modename) : ?
  • SetDebugOnlineLevel (value) : no successful use
  • SetFOW (int) : sets fog of war distance ? 0 removes fog of war completely. seems to induce bugs
  • SetGlamCam [on|off] : turns glam cam on or off. call with no arguments to toggle
  • SetGravity (float) : no effect seen
  • SetHP (int) : as advertised
  • SetMLAAMode [index] : Sets MLAA Mode [0=Normal, 1=Force Off, 2=Vis. X Distance, 3=Vis. Y Distance, 4=Vis. Weight]
  • SetNoWeaponsClass [on|off] : Soldiers can try on weapons, armor, and items regardless of class. No promises for what happens in tactical mode
  • SetNoWeaponsTech [on|off] : Soldiers can try on weapons, armor, and items regardless of if the tech is researched. No promises for what happens in tactical mode
  • SetOverheadCameraParameters [FOV distance & Pitch] : works as advertised. fun to use
    • ex: setoverheadcameraparameters 80 500 -20 . Only way I found to change the camera pitch yet
  • SetProgresstime [t] : needs testing
  • SetRockets (int) : ?
  • SetSpeed : no effect found
  • SetStormIntensity (int) : 1 to 6? works
  • SetStrategyFacilitiesFree [on|off] : allows player to build facilities for free. Call with no arguments to toggle
  • SetStrategyFacilitiesInstantBuild [on|off] : facilities are finished instantly. call with no arguments to toggle
  • SetStrategyFacilitiesSuperSpree [on|off] : allows player to build all the facilities from the start, free, and they are constructed immediately. call with no arguments to toggle
  • SetStrategyFacilitiesUnlockAll [on|off] : allows player to build all the facilities available. call with no arguments to toggle
  • SetStrategyFacilities[things] : some cheats for strategy level
  • SetTiltActive : needs testing
  • show (bounds|bsp|camfrustums|collision|dynamicshadows) : show/hide categories
  • show (foliage|particles|postprocess) : show/hide categories
  • show (shadowfrustums|skelmeshes|staticmeshes) : more show/hide categories
  • show (terrain|unlittranslucency|volumes) : more show/hide categories
  • Show [things] : no effect found. Showloot seemed interesting... Of course there is showlog which as pointed out earlier is quite useful
  • show : use help show for more info
  • ShowDebug : now that one is interesting !! {showdebug net has some results, needs more testing} Mutually exclusive with AIdebugAI.
  • showhotkismet : list top 10 kismet sequenceops to the log
  • showlog : toggle log window
  • simcombat : Simulates combat (quickly) until victory condition is met. Post EW patch 2, must be manually entered directly to the console.
  • SkipAI : needs testing
  • Slomo (float) : changes the overall game speed, as said above, quite useful
  • sloMo t : slow game down by t
  • SpawnWeather : ?
  • SpawnWeather : spawn weather actor
  • stat (anim|audio|engine|fps|game|hier|draw) : show game stats
  • stat (memory|memorychurn|scenerendering) : more show game stats
  • stat (sceneupdate|streaming|unit) : more show game stats
  • stat fps : Toggles frames per second display
  • stat gfx : Shows the current resource use of GFX
  • STAT [things] : shows performance related things like FPS
  • stat : use help stat for more info
  • SuspendAI : ?
  • SwapTeamsonNearestUnit : will swap the team (AI Player -> Human Player or Human Player -> AI Player) of the unit closest to the mouse pointer at the time the command is executed.
  • SwitchTeam : no effect found


  • TakeNoDamage : straightforward
  • TakeNoDamage : Bypass any SetHitPoint calls, rendering all units invincible. GODMODE
  • TATC : abbreviaton for TeleportAllToCursor. Moves all soldier units in a line under the pointer. {?Could be useful for large squad handling, that would solve the spawning problems!}
  • teleportAlienToCursor : move an Alien to the cursor position
  • teleportToCursor : move your current guy to the cursor, in EU sometimes ignores vertical (height) issues.
  • Test[things] : to be tested
  • ToggleCascadeRestriction : Toggle rendering selective cascade frustums
  • ToggleFOW [particles|canopy|lineofsight|regeneration|truesight] : toggles specific Fog of War visibility (see also XComLevelActor& XComUnitPawn)
  • ToggleFOW : toggles full Fog of War visibility (see also XComLevelActor & XComUnitPawn as alternatives)
  • ToggleLightDebug : places debug shapes around all lights
  • TogglePathUpdate : Toggle whether to update the cursor path while the cursor is moving
  • TogglePostProcess [optional index] : toggles one/all post process effects
  • ToggleRain : toggles rain effect
  • Toggle[things] : to be tested
  • TriggerFlash : triggerlightingflashdebug


  • UIEnableEnemyArrows : Turns the enemy arrow hover indicators on/off. (Apparently disabled in EW.)
  • UIForceClearAllUIToHUD : Hit the UI with a Big Hammer. Use only in case of mega state fail, as this has potential bad state consequences.
  • UIListScreens : Lists all GFx screens loaded (2d, protoui, & 3d)
  • UIListScreens : Output all loaded UI screens to the log.
  • UIListTactical3DPieces : List statuses of all 3D UI pieces during the tactical game.
  • UIPrintInputStack : Print the ordered stack of how input cascades.
  • UIPrintInputStack : Print the ordered stack of how input cascades.
  • UIPrintStateStack : Print the presentation layer's (UI) state stack.
  • UIPrintStateStack : Print the presentation layer's (UI) state stack.
  • UIStatus : Show's the status of the UI
  • UITestScreen : Bring up a UI screen to test (May be fonts, may be something else awesome.
  • UIToggleAnchors : Shows grid used for anchor points of UI elements.
  • UIToggleAnchors : Turn on/off the anchor points and safearea-based anchor rectangle.
  • UIToggleDisc : Toggles the unit's Unreal-native selection disc on/off.
  • UIToggleDisc : Toggles the unit's Unreal-native selection disc on/off.
  • UIToggleGrid : Show ProtoUI grid overlay
  • UIToggleHardHide : Force UI to be hidden (or *attempt* to re-show after being hidden.)
  • UIToggleHardHide : Force UI to be hidden (or *attempt* to re-show after being hidden.)
  • UIToggleMouseCursor : Toggles visibility of the mouse cursor when on PC. (Will never be visible on console)
  • UIToggleMouseCursor : Turn on/off the mouse cursor while on PC.
  • UIToggleMouseHitDebugging : Toggle mouse hittesting to UI logging.
  • UIToggleSafearea : Turn on/off the safe area rectangle.
  • UIToggleStatus :
  • UIToggleTether : Toggles the move limits (the blue and yellow line marker) on/off. (Apparently added with EW.)
  • UIToggleVisibility : High level visibility toggling. (Turn off in engine via toggleui.)
  • UIToggleVisibility : Turn on/off the GFx user interface.
  • UnlimitedMoves: works as advertised.


  • viewmode (wireframe|unlit|lightcomplexity|lightingonly|shadercomplexity|texturedensity) : change view mode
  • viewmode : use help viewmode for more info


  • WatchAI : use unknown
  • WhatsAreMyFloors : output all floor volumes in the current floor
  • WhatsOnMyFloors [floor=int] [actorclass="class'Actor'] :" int=0 e.g. all floors; dump what actors are touching in the cursor's building


  • set XComLevelActor bHidden (0|1) : 0=false, 1=true: "0" reveals all terrain pieces; used to reveal less than full 'togglefow'
  • set XComUnitPawn bHidden (0|1) : 0=false, 1=true: "0" reveals all alien and XCOM units; used to reveal less than full 'togglefow'


  • YawCamera : as advertised


  • ZoomCamera : as advertised


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