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NPC character

NPC as an entity consists of:

  • body geometry
  • head geometry
  • hair geometry
  • cloth geometry

We can have as many unique bodies as we want as well as heads and clothing.

While body, heads and hairs must be unique geometry for each variety, cloth can have niether unique geometry for each variety nor one geometry with blendShape deformer which serves as a container for different variants.


To define final look of the NPC character we use our WH NPC Editor


Npc Editor consists of several tabs, where you can do interesting things:

  • Composer

this is the actual tool, where you put all desired clothing on the character / soul 

  • Body composer

tool for selecting desired body, head and hair geometry

  • Weapon preset

tool for creating weapon presets attached to character / soul

  • Properties

tool for creating and connecting souls  (sem by to chtelo dat link na wiki k soulam, pokud nejaka bude existovat)

  • Armor test

tool for testing blood, dirt and demage (Dirt System)

NpcEditor ui.jpg


Npc clothing Items, Slots and Layers


Every geometry is called an "Item" in our Clothing System. These items could be inserted into "body slots" and these slots can contain up to 4 layers of clothing items.

There are several types of Items in Clothing system:

  • clothing item
  • body item
  • head item
  • hair item
  • weapon item

Body Slots

Slots are basicaly places where you can put clothing on.

Npc character contains of 3 multi-layer slots and 6 single-layer slots.  

'Multi-Layer' slots

Multi-layer slot means, that it can hold up to 4 layers of clothing. See below which layers each slot has. 

  • Head (liner/gambeson, chainmail, plate armor, hats - hats are the same as coats in body slot)
  • Body (liner/gambeson, chainmail, plate armor, coats/waffenrocks)
  • Legs (liner/gambeson, chainmail, plate armor)

Single-layer slots

Here we can put just one layer per slot

  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Sleaves (this slot is meant only for plate armor)
  • Spur
  • Necklace
  • Ring


There are 5 different layers where we can insert an item for each multilayer slot. 

  • underwear (Clothing System automatically selects and equip certain items from liner clothing layer, if the NPC is completely looted.)
  • liner/gambeson 
  • chainmail
  • plate armor
  • coats/waffenrocks (this layer also includes hoods, which are in body slot by default and hats in head slot)

Layers coparsion.jpg 

Layers are adapting to each other by raycasting from lowest layer up. It means, that 1st layer (liner) is shrinked or deformed by 2nd (chainmail), 2nd by 3rd.

Last layer(4th - Coats) is different one - as it is top most layer and lays mostly on plate armor or something harder than itself, it's actually deformed by closest layer beneath.

Underwear layer uses items from 1st (liner) layer. Those items appear only if everything else is unequipped so there is no need to deform this layer anyhow. 

Rraycast deformation between 3rd and 4th layer


Rraycast deformation between 2nd and 3rd layer


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