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This page describes how to set up a perk tree using the Enhanced Perk Tree mod

Programs and Tools

  • ToolBoks


  • HxD Hex Editor

Change files available here: GetPerkInTree files.


The Enhanced Perk Tree mod does the following:

  1. Expands the number of available perks to 21 in total, 3 at each rank
  2. Expands the psi tree to hold up to 9 perks, 3 at each rank
  3. Allows 'blanking' of perks, enabling easier customization of the size and shape of each class's perk tree
  4. Allows for duplicate perks in the tree

See page: XCOM:EU_Perks for more information about perk IDs.

Ability Layout

Perks are laid out according in the following manner:

Choice Table Layout:
icon0_2 icon0_1 icon0_0
icon1_2 icon1_1 icon1_0
icon2_2 icon2_1 icon2_0
icon3_2 icon3_1 icon3_0
icon4_2 icon4_1 icon4_0
icon5_2 icon5_1 icon5_0
icon6_2 icon6_1 icon6_0


The following example shows how to modify rank 4, option 1 of the Sniper perk tree. Ex: icon 3_1 represents rank 4, option 1.

To alter this perk/ability

  1. Find the related class's GetPerkInTree function (i.e. GetPerkInTreeSniper).
  2. Find the case statement corresponding to the desired rank
        {return((p0 p1 p2 p3 >> Option) & 0xFF); // numbers are based on perk ID}
        04 9C 2C FF 95 1D 08 02 09 00 00 2E 66 00 00 16 16 

  1. The values following the 1D are the perk choices (i.e. 08 02 09 00)
    1. These values are in hexadecimal
    2. 0x08 corresponds to option0, 0x02 corresponds to option1, 0x09 corresponds to option2
  2. Change the value 0x02 to the desired perk ID
    1. To blank the perk, replace 0x02 with 0x00
  3. Run Custom Mod using ToolBoks
    1. Alternately, use search/replace function of HxD to find and replace the hex code in XcomGame.upk

Perk Tree Rules

The Enhanced Perk Tree mod works according to the following rules:

  • Each rank can have exactly one perk selected (once the soldier reaches that rank)
    • Once a perk is selected for a soldier, that rank is marked as such and no further promotions are possible for that rank (even if the perk tree is modified)
  • Each perk can only be selected once
  • A perk ID of zero will cause the mod to not display an ability icon in a location
    • This can be used to reduce the number of perks in the tree below the maximum of 3 per rank
  • Valid numbers of perks at a rank are : 0, 1, 2, or 3
    • If no valid perks are available when a rank is eligible for promotion, then the rank is marked as 'promoted' with no perk selected
      • This means that the total valid number of perks in the entire tree ranges from 0 to 21


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