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How to generate formatted descriptions for your files.

Some people are asking me. how you make your descrition with big and bold text?

It's really simple, the description for your files accepts also bb-codes, like the pm-editor or the forum-editor here at the nexus does. You could use those editors to format your description with bb-codes including colors, textsizes images and urls. It's simple like you would post your descrition as a message into the forum or as PM.

open a new Message, write your text and format + stylize it with the tools at the upper border of the editor-frame like bold/italic and so on. You could see at any time a preview of your formatted text via the preview button of the editor. If you are satisfied then mark all your text+codes in the editframe (not the preview!) and make a copy n paste into blank textfile on your desktop, save this file and close the used editor via cancel. If you initialize your file entry at the nexus then make a copy n paste from your textfile at your desktop into the description-frame in the file-attributes of your file-entry, that's all.

LG Raoul.