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Alternative unofficial wiki here

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Tool Description
WolvenKit CDPR modding toolkit. You won't get far without this.
Noesis 3d viewer, import export functionality
MlSetupBuilder Essential tool for recolours
Blender 3d modelling software



You can find the CP2077 modding server here.



list overview
name description
Hairstyles hairstyles, numbers and default appearances mapped to game files
Garment variants Spawn codes mapped to game files, meshMeshVariants mapped to spawned items
external: Pose mods and references A list of existing pose mods, with links to reference pictures/videos
Steam (garments) A list of garments by appearances on Steam (garments) A list of garments by appearances on (femV only)



Introduction The comprehensive introduction to CP2077 modding (Google Docs, by Nim)
Custom NPC spawn animations for NPCs spawned via AMM. (tumblr, by Pinkydude)
Mesh replacement with variants Replace and recolour a mesh while considering variants (wiki, by manavortex)
Custom Photo Mode Expressions Create a set of custom Photo Mode expressions for your V (wiki, by manavortex)
How to make a custom quest github, Cyberscript




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