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The problem

If you use the built in screenshot creator in Dragon Age: Origins and try to upload your screenshot to this site then your image will not generate a thumbnail image, it will just be blank, which can be irritating for everyone.

Blank thumbnail images example 1.jpg

An example of a blank thumbnail in the image share section

Why this problem occurs

BioWare, in their divine wisdom, decided to add some extraneous miscellaneous information to the start of the image data before the image header (such as your character, the time of the screenshot, who took it and so on) that breaks the thumbnail creation script on this site...because that data isn't meant to be stored in the image itself. In an ideal world I would be much better at coding so I'd be able to cook some code up that removed this information from the image so that the thumbnail creator worked. Unfortunately this isn't an ideal world and I'm not great at coding.

How do I fix this

There are two ways you can fix this problem. The first is not to use the built-in Dragon Age screenshot creator and instead opt to use another piece of proven software,such as FRAPS, to take your screenshots. FRAPS, and programs like it, will create proper images of your game that you can instantly upload to the site without issue.

The second method is to re-save your images in an image editing program. Even simple programs like Microsoft's built-in Microsoft paint will fix this problem very quickly.

  1. Right-click the image.
  2. Select "Open with" and then choose "Paint" or "MS Paint" (process might differ for those not on Windows 7). Your image should then open in Microsoft Paint.
  3. Go to "File" -> "Save as" and resave the image as a "JPEG Picture".
  4. Select the name you'd like to save the image under, and where to save the image.

Once you have resaved your image it will remove the useless data that breaks the thumbnail generation script and uploading the image will then work.

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