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Denyiir is a secret NPC. He is also the best non-modded merchant in the game of Oblivion.

Denyiir can trade items (buys them at best price due to his novice mercantile and 65535 barter gold), repair items, recharge enchanted weapons, etc. He even has happy/angry dispositions, and may even provide some combat training.

He doesn't appear anywhere in the real game (he is called as TestDenyiir in Bethesda's Oblivion Construction Set tool), and can be seen only in a chamber within the TestingHall (secret location in the game).

But, if you frequently visit a particular abode in the game as your "base of operations", you can do a quick cheat and add Denyiir to that place, since he is a do-it-all merchant.

  1. Press ~ on your keyboard to bring down the console.
  2. To spawn the NPC called Denyiir, type: player.placeatme 00025266
  3. You can close the console using the ~ key again.

WARNING: Overuse of the placeatme command may result in savegame bloating, which can lead to savegame corruption!

The placeatme command is also not recommended for unique NPCs (such as Jauffre). Read more here:

Console IDs


The TestingHall is a special hidden location which has various rooms, with all the default weapons/armors (including enchanted ones and unique quest rewards artifacts), clothing, clutter, etc.

  1. To go to the TestingHall, type this command in the console: coc testinghall
  2. You will be teleported to a basement with a lot of doors. Explore each one. Don't forget to check out the obscure room called "Wooden room to" (where you can get even Azura's Star gems!), and the Creature testing secret areas (make sure you and your companions are ready to take on lots of tough monsters at once).
  3. You can exit, by opening the door to HawkHaven, where you can train your combat skills by fighting the guards (they have unique reactions as described by their names), and you can even scout around to find an altar to make Black Soul Gems (look for the blue/cyan light beam reaching to the sky).

Use any map marker to fast travel out of HawkHaven back to Cyrodiil.

The TestingHall cheat is quite popularly known, but the Denyiir NPC is forgotten or overlooked even by veteran players (maybe because his name starts with "Deny", LOL), and he is quite handy as your own merchant. He doesn't even move from the spot where you place him, so it is convenient.

Don't try to hire Denyiir as a companion though - he has no low-level AI processing, so you may lose any items you equip on him or he may behave abnormally sometimes. You've been warned. Still, he is very useful in your main abode.

Fun game, eh?! I like cool easter-eggs in games!