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Hello, heres a quick tutorial on how to unpack the Oblivion BSA's.

There has been a bsa unpacker with a gui made by Timeslip. Which you can get here.

Bsa unpacker

But if you are like me, and want to do it almost manually then this is the place for you.

First download Ghostwheels program "Tes4bsa" Tes4bsa

Then make a folder in the C: drive. I will call mine "BSA".

Then extract the contents of the TES4BSA, the file you just downloaded, into the "BSA" folder which you have just created.

Note: Extracting is another way of copy and pasting.

Also extract the Bsa files from your Oblivion data files, only extract "Oblivion - Meshes" "Oblivion - Textures - Compressed" and "Oblivion - Misc", to the new folder, "BSA".

Your folder should look like this:


BSA Unpacker tutorial image 1.jpg

Now when everything is extracted, do the following.

Start-Run- type "Cmd" no quotes, and press enter.

Then write "cd C:" no quotes, and press enter.

Then "cd BSA" no quotes, and press enter.

This will open the folder.


BSA Unpacker tutorial image 2.jpg

Now write

tes4bsa unpack "Oblivion - Meshes.bsa" and press enter, this will unpack the meshes.


BSA Unpacker tutorial image 3.jpg

tes4bsa unpack "Oblivion - Textures - compressed.bsa" and press enter, this will unpack the textures.


BSA Unpacker tutorial image 4.jpg

tes4bsa unpack "Oblivion - Misc.bsa" and press enter, this will unpack the misc.


BSA Unpacker tutorial image 5.jpg

Nb. they are all stored in your "BSA" folder.

Bsa folder

BSA Unpacker tutorial image 6.jpg

When you have unpacked all your Bsa's. Extract the contents of the whole "BSA" folder, to the "OblivionData" folder.

And that should be it.

ps. The new files will use 3.2 gb of your harddisk.

Happy modding.