Auryen Morellus

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Auryen Morellus
Race High Elf
Gender Male
Voice Type DBM_MaleUniqueAuryen
Voice Actor Temperance10
Level PCx1.25 (Max 80)
Location Dragonborn Gallery
Class Scholar
Faction Explorer's Society

Solitude Residents

Role(s) Quest giver

Quest follower

Essential Yes
Mod Legacy of the Dragonborn
Creation Kit Info
EditorID (EDID) DBM_AuryenMorellus
Base ID XX000000

Auryen is an Altmer historian the curator of the recently renovated Dragonborn Gallery in Solitude. He can be found wandering the corridors of the museum and barely ever sleeps. His goal is to collect and display the rare and powerful relics of Tamriel in the museum. After years of research into relics and history, he found that many great relics of Tamriel somehow gravitated to Skyrim. Assuming that the energies within these ancient relics sense the impending crisis.



Little is known about what Auryen did before the events in Legacy of the Dragonborn, apart from him studying history. He met Professor Patero Marassi at the Gwylim University in High Rock some 300 years ago. His exact age is unknown. The surname Morellus is not recorded in Tamriel history and can therefore not be used as an indication.

Quest Interactions

Equipment, Spells and Abilities

You can use the Curator's Guide to find which room of the museum that Auryen is currently in.