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Firelady's original commentary lies on the Discussion (Talk) page for now, since it is a subjective interpretation for open discussion. No offense intended ~z929669 Ixian Insignia.png Talk 18:31, 31 March 2014 (BST)

This page would benefit by having some pointers to official administrative content regarding the endorsement system and its history.

From the ToS:
Do not solicit (ask for) ratings, endorsements or file of the month votes either for your own mods or for mods created by other Nexus members within your file/image description.

Synopsis of the Nexus Endorsement System

  1. The endorsement system is of major influence to mod recognition and use on the Nexus. It represents (to some extent at least) a measure of public popularity and promotion.
  2. Without clear rules and enforcement, the endorsement system is highly abuseable by both authors and mod users and is thus a contentious system of measurement.
  3. Obvious abuse of the endorsement system by either authors or regular members is pretty universally unacceptable to everyone.
  4. Friendly reminders to endorse are not offensive, and even users asking other users repeatedly to endorse is not offensive (but campaigning can be annoying for some ... see #6).
  5. It is pretty easy for anyone to excuse themselves from being subject to the ToS rules (even with regard to the loose interpretation as in #1) if they feel wronged (two wrongs make a right argument)
  6. There is lax enforcement of the ToS with regard to endorsements, and it has been stated that this is largely due to the community not reporting these 'issues', especially where they are pretty obnoxious.
  7. Simplicity of interpretation of a violation is important so that members know that they can (and are expected to) 'report' the offense without worrying that they are being nitpicking little a-holes all up in everyone else's business.
  8. Big banners and otherwise flashy adverts of one's mod should not be conflated with asking for endorsements. The former is too subjectively interpretable (easy for 'punnishment' to be biased), and the latter is not; furthermore, the latter can be explicitly abused (see #1) whereas the former cannot. Big flashy text or gaudy banners are not explicit threats or insinuations in and of themselves (but see #2).
  9. The simplest way to disambiguate endorsement-violation reporting/enforcement is to prohibit using derivitives of the word 'endorse' on the mod page description or by mod authors in mod-page posts. The latter is difficult to sort out though unless mod users are also prohibited from using this term (else authors cannot address user posts effectively ... we would see terms like "the 'E' word", etc.).
  10. An optional boilerplate endorsement reminder (maybe a tick box in the mod admin interface) resolves author abuse on the mod description, but there is still a problem with disambiguation of the use-context of "the 'E' word" on mod-post threads.
  11. Since ambiguity or subjectivity of references to "the 'E' word" on the Nexus overall is a very real issue for which there is no 'simple' method of reporting/enforcement, it follows that the simplest solution may be to at least have a consistent 'rule' in place in the ToS that applies overall on the Nexus. Therefore, it may be simplest to allow the use of the term within a clearly defined context and report/enforce use outside of that context.
  12. Some tweaking of the file-browsing areas and the search/filter methods that makes highlighting any mod, regardless of endorsement rate would be helpful in alleviating the mod-author-perceived need to abuse the endorsement system (which would render user abuse ineffective ... albeit still a violation!).

Discussions on the Topic of Endorsements and the Endorsement System

This is NOT an exhaustive list:

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