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Here are listed functions and stuff related to how abilities work, and proven code to modify that.
(Note that links in RED do not yet exist.)

Abilities for both XCOM soldiers and aliens are defined in the article XGAbilityTree.BuildAbilities. You'll find the code break-down there as well as some replacement code.

See the DefaultGameCore.ini settings article for the values used for settings in that function.
(Note the filename DefaultGameCore.ini is commonly abbreviated to DGC.ini.)

Improvements made:

  • Abilities can be now constrained to weapon range as set in the DGC.ini file.
  • Abilities' cool-down can be set (it's problematic because of the lack of space, but it's doable)

Perk Abilities

Set Perk Trees

They are defined in XComGame.upk >> XComPerkManager:

"Branch" sort of means rank, and option 0 is the one shown on the right, and option 1 on the left, when picking new perks.

Improvements made:

  • Set perks as you wish
  • Move perks from one class to another
  • Repeat or Discard them.

For further information

Set abilities' number of charges

They are defined in XComGame.upk >> XGUnit >> XGUnit.UpdateItemCharges

Improvements made:

  • Set number of charges for perk-related abilities/items, such as rockets, smoke grenades, etc.


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